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Rohit Bedi

Professional Skillset

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Advanced IV Sedation

Rohit has a special interest in providing care using advanced intravenous sedation techniques to help treat patients with extreme dental anxiety and complex needs. He routinely lectures for the New Zealand Dental Association. He is an active member of the New Zealand, UK and American societies for sedation. He believes Dental Sedation is a "team effort" and is involved in teaching sedation to other dentists and teams. He travels both nationally and internationally to keep up to date with the latest developments in procedural sedation. He practices the full scope of general dentistry under intravenous sedation. He is also a qualified emergency care instructor certified by the New Zealand resuscitation council.

General, Cosmetic and Implant  Dentistry

Rohit completed his undergraduate studies at the university of Punjab in 2008. Following this he spent some time working as part of the surgical team at ECHS Hospital. Rohit moved to NZ in 2009 and moved from Auckland to Christchurch in 2015 to join Garden City Dental.


Rohit is especially passionate about providing care to people with long standing dental anxiety and complex dental needs, often with the help of Intravenous sedation. He takes pride in being able to help patients along their personal journey towards the smile and function they desire from their teeth.


He practices the whole scope of general dentistry ranging from simple fillings to complex veneers, root canal treatment and crown and bridge work. He is also able to provide replacement for missing teeth working in conjunction with specialist surgeons to provide implants to replace missing teeth.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth and broken down teeth

Rohit is also able to provide removal for impacted wisdom teeth and complicated surgical removals under the cover of intravenous sedation. These procedures are often undertaken after further planning following a 3D CT scan. Rohit will discuss these options at length during your consult.

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