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Case Portfolio Samples

Rohit enjoys helping people with complex and long standing needs achieve the smile and function they have always wanted, but haven't quite figured out how to get there. There is no single universal solution for everyone, and an individualised patient centric approach to care is something that he prides himself on. Modern dentistry coupled with careful planning can make even the most complex transformations a reality. Here are just some of the transitions that patients have seen under his care.

Smile Correction

Combination of implants and ceramic veneers were used to create a smile that is both natural, aesthetic and functional.

Badly broken teeth

Modern dentistry has come a long way, and it is now possible to restore advanced damage to teeth using customised implant based and ceramic solutions. These were used in this instance to restore the patients mouth back to optimal health, function and aesthetics.

Ceramic Veneers

Correction of gaps and minor re-alignment of teeth using veneers to create a natural smile that lasts.

Laser Gum Correction

Diode laser gum correction and restoration of worn teeth back to natural height using ceramic based individualised solutions. Lasers have the unique advantage of sterilising the tissue as it trims the tissue eliminating bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms as it cuts. This results in better healing and usually no stitches are necessary. Rohit has undertaken further training to be able to provide laser dentistry as a treatment option for his patients.


Missing multiple teeth

Dental implants to replace missing teeth and to rehabilitate worn down teeth. Replacement of removable partial denture with a fixed implant based solution.

Fractured teeth

Sometimes when it just isn’t possible to salvage the remaining teeth, we have to accept that removal and replacement may be the better alternative. Dental implants to support an implant retained fixed bridge were carried out here to provide a fixed and long term functional solution.

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